Background Information

A Brief History of Greek       Facts about New Testament Greek          Similarities Between Greek and English          Typing Letters Greek via Keyboard


Lesson 01
The Greek Alphabet
Vocabulary 01
Lesson 02
Diphthongs and Syllabification
Vocabulary 02Lesson 03
Pronunciation and Accents
Vocabulary 03Lesson 04
Vocabulary 04
Lesson 05 The Second DeclensionVocabulary 05Lesson 06 -
Second Declension Neuter Nouns
Vocabulary 06Lesson 07 - PrepositionsVocabulary 07Lesson 08 - Personal PronounsVocabulary 08
Lesson 09 - Demonstrative and Reflexive PronounsVocabulary 09Lesson 10 - First Declension NounsVocabulary 10Lesson 11 - Third Declension NounsVocabulary 11Lesson 12 - AdjectivesVocabulary 12
Lesson 13 - Intro to VerbsVocabulary 13Lesson 14 - Summary of Verb TensesVocabulary 14Lesson 15Vocabulary 15Lesson 16Vocabulary 16
Lesson 17Vocabulary 17Lesson 18Vocabulary 18Lesson 19Vocabulary 19Lesson 20Vocabulary 20
Lesson 21Vocabulary 21Lesson 22Vocabulary 22Lesson 23Vocabulary 23Lesson 24Vocabulary 24
Lesson 25Vocabulary 25Lesson 26Vocabulary 26Lesson 27Vocabulary 27Lesson 28Vocabulary 28
Lesson 29Vocabulary 29Lesson 30Vocabulary 30Lesson 31Vocabulary 31Lesson 32Vocabulary 32
Lesson 33Vocabulary 33Lesson 34Vocabulary 34Lesson 35Vocabulary 35Lesson 36Vocabulary 36
Lesson 37Vocabulary 37Lesson 38Vocabulary 38Lesson 39Vocabulary 39Lesson 40Vocabulary 40
Lesson 41Vocabulary 41Lesson 42Vocabulary 42Lesson 43Vocabulary 43Lesson 44Vocabulary 44
Lesson 45Vocabulary 45Lesson 46Vocabulary 46Lesson 47Vocabulary 47Lesson 48Vocabulary 48
Lesson 49Vocabulary 49Lesson 50Vocabulary 50Lesson 51Vocabulary 51Lesson 52Vocabulary 52