(Proper) Prepositions

Greek WordPronunciationMeaningScripture Ref.Occurrence
(Proper) Prepositions
ἐκ, ἐξout of, from out, from, out from amongMatthew 7:5921x
ἀπόfromMatthew 4:17650x
πρόbefore, above (gen)Mark 1:247x
ἀντίfor, in place of, instead of (gen)Matthew 5:3822x
ἐνin, amongMatthew 7:42752x
σύνwith, beside (dat), Luke 2:5128x
εἰςinto, in, amongMatthew 2:121774x
ἀνάup, upon, on (gen, each, in turn, among (acc)Matthew 13:2513x
διάthrough, on account ofMatthew 4:14669x
ὑπέρover, above (gen), beyond, exceeding (acc)Luke 6:40155x
ὑπόby, from (gen), under (acc)Matthew 3:14220x
περῐ́about (gen), around (proximity) (dat), around (circular) near (acc)Matthew 8:18, 11:10333x
μετάwith (gen), after (acc)Matthew 1:23469x
κατάdownwards (gen), according to (acc)Matthew 8:32473x
πρόςto, towards, withMatthew 2:12; 14:29703x
ἐπίon, uponMatthew 3:16896x
παράfrom, because of (gen), beside, alongside of (acc)Matthew 4:18194x

Preposition Color Codes
Genitive onlyGenitive or DativeGenitive or Dative or Accusative
Dative onlyGenitive or Accusative
Accusative onlyDative or Accusative

Greek WordPronunciationMeaningScripture Ref.Occurrence
Improper Prepositions (43)
ἅμαsimultaneously with10
ἀμφιon both sides3
ἄνευwithout, apart from3
ἀντιπέραon the opposite side1
ἀπέναντιin the presence of, opposite, against5
ἄτερwithout, apart from2
ἄχρι / ἄχριςup to, until49
ἐγγὺςnear, close to, on the verge of31
ἐκτὸςoutside, except8
ἔμπροσθένin front of, before the face of, in the presence of48
ἔναντιbefore, in the presence of2
ἐναντίονbefore, in the judgment of8
ἕνεκαfor the sake of, because of26
ἐντὸςwithin, among2
ἐνώπιονin the presence of, in the judgment of94
ἔξωoutside, out of63
ἔξωθενfrom outside, outside13
ἐπάνωupon, above19
ἕωςas far as, to the point of146
κατέναντιopposite, before, in the sight of8
κατενώπιονbefore, in the presence of3
κυκλόθενround, about3
μέσονin the middle58
μεταξὺbetween, among9
μέχρι / μέχριςup to, as far as17
ὄπισθενbehind, after7
ὀπίσωbehind, after35
παραπλήσιονnear to1
παρεκτὸςexcept, apart from3
πέρανbeyond, to the other side23
πλὴνexcept, apart from31
ὑπεράνωfar above, high over3
ὑπερεκπερισσοῦfar beyond3
χάρινfor the sake of, because of9
χωρίςwithout, apart from, besides41