Koine Greek Verbs

Greek wordPronunciationMeaningScripture Ref.Occurrence
Koine Greek Verbs
εἰμί, I am, he/she/it is2462
λέγωI say, speak decisively (in ancient Greek λέγω meant "to lay down to sleep", which evolved over time to mean "to lay an argument to rest", to bring a message or proclamation to closure")Matthew 5:182354
λαλέωI speak, say, articulate (just normal talking)Matthew 13:3297
ἔχωI have708
γίνομαιI become669
ἔρχομαιI come, I go634
ποιέωI do, I make568
ὁράωI see, perceive, experience (mental perception, cognitive understanding)Luke 24:39454
βλέπωI see (physical act), I lookJohn 9:39132
ἀκούωI hear, listenActs 25:22430
δίδωμιI give, offerMatthew 7:11415
οἶδαI know (facts), remember (facts)John 8:55319
γινώσκωI come to know, learn, realizePhilippians 3:10222